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The NOAA Research Council is responsible for the oversight and production of a variety of planning and informational documents, including NOAA's  20-Year Research Vision and 5-Year Research and Development Plan. The Council also oversees workshops as needed to inform NOAA's long-range R&D planning.

In addition, the Council oversees a subset of NOAA's science fact sheets: the State of the Science Fact Sheets. These fact sheets are designed to assist the general public in understanding the state of the science in key research areas of high interest to the public and/or where there may be diverse scientific views within NOAA.

The NOAA Science Council is the corporate body responsible for developing and maintaining NOAA's R&D strategic planning documents. Links to current and past planning documents and related material are available below.

NOAA Research and Development Vision Areas: 2020-2026

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The NOAA Research and Development Vision Areas: 2020-2026 is available in a downloadable PDF. The Vision characterizes the priorities and guidance for NOAA’s R&D activities for the next seven years. The Vision provides a common understanding among NOAA’s leadership, its workforce, its partners, constituents, and Congress on the value of NOAA’s R&D activities. 

NOAA 20-Year Research Vision

NOAA developed its 20-Year Research Vision in 2005 following on a review and recommendations from our Science Advisory Board. The document describes the vision of NOAA at the forefront of informing decision-makers and is available for download in a PDF format.


Please contact the Science Council Executive Secretariat at with any questions regarding the NOAA R&D strategic plans or 20-Year Vision.

State of the Science Fact Sheets

NOAA manages a vibrant, cutting-edge science program that focuses on research with a high relevance to society. To assist the general public in understanding the state of the science, NOAA develops State of the Science Fact Sheets about key research areas which may be of high interest to the public, and where there may be a diversity of science views within NOAA. The NOAA Science Council oversees the creation and updating of these fact sheets, and the most recent documents are posted here for the public.

In accordance with NOAA Administrative Order 216-113 and the associated Procedural Handbook, State of the Science Fact Sheets that are more than two years old are currently under review for updates.

Information for Fact Sheet Writing Teams: State of the Science Fact Sheet regulations and guidelines can be found in NOAA Administrative Order 216-113 and the associated Procedural Handbook. Please use the approved NOAA SoS Fact Sheet Template (2010) for all State of the Science Fact Sheets.

Strategic Research Guidance Memorandum

As a science-based agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) depends on a robust research and development (R&D) enterprise. NOAA's R&D is responsive to a wide range of mission drivers creating a need for clear portfolio logic to optimize and defend the Agency's R&D investment.The Strategic Research Guidance Memorandum provides, for the first time, the portfolio logic by which NOAA's R&D enterprise can be continually reviewed, evaluated and rebalanced in light of the Agency's evolving mission needs.

Please click HERE to view the full 2024 Strategic Research Guidance Memorandum document.

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