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NOAA Science Report: Scientific Workforce

NOAA employees are recognized time and time again for their research and development efforts and preeminence through appointments to leadership positions in professional societies, external awards, invitations to speak at prestigious events, and more, establishing NOAA as a leader amongst Federal agencies in the majority of its principal R&D focus areas.

NOAA has developed procedures and policies to ensure that employees are encouraged to serve in an official capacity as an officer or board member of a non-profit organization. These prestigious positions give our scientists the opportunities to help frame and direct research agendas and priorities within their relevant technical communities.

As a result, NOAA now has about 30 scientists serving in these capacities, many of those doing so at the highest levels. The impact this will have on our ability to recruit and retain top scientific talent into the Federal government is quite powerful. This list reflects only those NOAA personnel serving on boards at the end of fiscal year 2021.

2021 Q4 List of NOAA Employees Nonprofit Service

NOAA Agency Unit Last Name First Name Title at NOAA Nonprofit Organization Position at Non Profit Organization Date of Appointment (Month/Year) Term of Service: Ends (Month/Year)
NESDIS Carter Dean Physical Scientist CoreTrustSeal ( Dean Carter (World Data Service for Paleoclimatology) Assembly of Reviewers Member April 23, 2020 Indefinite
NESDIS Casey Kenneth Deputy Chief, Data Stewardship Division Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) President and Chair of Executive Board January 2021 January 2022, with option to continue to January 2023
NESDIS Crouch Jake Communications and Outreach Branch Chief The Collider Board Member February 2021 Indefinite
NESDIS Herring Stephanie Chief, Geophysical Sciences and Development Branch, NCEI American Meteorological Society Board Chair January 2020 January 2023
NESDIS Hogan Patrick Chief, Ocean Sciences and Development Branch Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System Elected board member September 2016 September 2022
NESDIS Larsen Kirsten Chief, Marine Ecosystems Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System Board of Directors, Government Representative and Secretary September 2017 September 2023
NESDIS Merati Nazila Physical Scientist American Meteorological Society Board Chair, Environmental Information Processing Technologies (EIPT) January 2018 January 2022
NESDIS Powell Charles Program Analyst American Meteorological Society Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation February 2021 January 2023
NESDIS Ritchey Nancy Chief, Archive American Meteorological Society Board Member- Data Stewardship, member January 2016 January 2022
NESDIS Ritchey Nancy Chief, Archive American Geophysical Union Data Management Advisory Board, member December 2019 Indefinite
NESDIS Shontz Kathryn Physical Scientist American Meteorological Society Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography and Climatology Committee February 2021 February 2024
NOS Carver Michael Resource Protection Specialist California Whale Rescue Member, Board of Directors January 2017 Indefinite
NOS Petes Laura Manager, Communities Program Ecological Society of America VP for Public Affairs August 2020 August 2023
NOS Schwemmer Robert Regional Maritime Heritage Coordinator, ONMS Santa Barbara Maritime Museum (SBMM) Member, Board of Directors December 2013 June 2023
NOS Dix Mark Deputy Chief, Emergency REsponse Division, OR&R Sacred Road Ministries Chair, Board of Directors January 2019 Indefinite
NWS Becker Nicole Observing Program Lead Maine Space Grant Consortium Board Member April 2021 April 2024
NWS Bieda Stephen Science and Operations Officer AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists Board Chair January 2021 January 2023
NWS Coyne Mike Deputy Regional Director Federal Alliance for Safe Homes Board Advisor February 2021 February 2022
NWS Coyne Mike Deputy Regional Director Florida Governors Hurricane Conference Board Member January 2021 January 2025
NWS Farrar Michael NCEP Director Executive Committee for the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Councilor & Member January 2020 January 2024
NWS Hartfield Gail Meteorologist AMS/Board of Community Service Board Member February 2021 January 2024
NWS Laber Jayme Senior Service Hydrologist Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative Board Member July 2018 Ongoing
NWS Palmer Cynthia Meteorologist in Charge NWS Monterey, CA Center for Applied Atmospheric Research and Education Advisor February 2019 June 2021
NWS Vallee David Hydrologist In Charge American Meteorological Society AMS Best Practices Board Member October 2018 December 2021
NMFS Benaka Lee Fishery Management Specialist, Office of Science and Technology Cooperative Research with Stakeholders Section of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) President November 2021 September 2023
NMFS Castillo Jean Fish Passage/Hydraulic Engineer (Protected Resources Div., West Coast Region) American Fisheries Society & Bioengineering Section and American Society of Civil Engineers, Environmental Water Resources Institute Treasurer, Fisheries Engineering and Science Joint Committee January 2021 January 2023
NMFS da Silva Denis Research chemist, Northwest Fisheries Science Center Pacific Northwest chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (PNW-SETAC) Vice President January 2021 December 2023
NMFS Doremus Paul Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations/Acting Assistant Administrator Seafood Nutrition Partnership Board Member and Vice President September 2019 December 2022
NMFS Holland Dan Senior Scientist, Northwest Fisheries Science Center Marine Resource Economics Foundation Vice President October 2021 September 2022
NMFS Hoskins-Brown Dionne Fisheries Biologist (Habitat Ecology Branch, Southeast Fisheries Science Center) Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Commission Georgia Commissioner May 2020 December 2023
NMFS Manning James Research Oceanographer Educational Passages Member, Board of Directors January 2017 January 2022
NMFS Mathor, Jr. Richard Senior Scientist for Stock Assessments American Fisheries Society- Marine Fisheries Section President-elect, President, Past President August 2016 August 2022
NMFS Nesbit Shivonne Fish Biologist/ESA Permit Specialist (Protected Resources Div., West Coast Region) American Fisheries Society President, Equal Opportunity Section September 2020 December 2023
NMFS Rosel Patricia Research Geneticist (Southeast Fisheries Science Center) Society for Marine Mammalogy Chair, Taxonomy Committee and Board Member July 2016 July 2022
NMFS Srinivasan Mridula Director, Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Division (Southeast Fisheries Science Center) Society for Marine Mammalogy Chair, Education Committee and Board Member October 2018 October 2022
NMFS  Trainer  Vera L.  Supervisory Research Oceanographer, Northwest Fisheries Science Center,  International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (ISSHA) Past President  October 2021 October 2023
OAR Eosco Gina “Social Science and FACETs Program Manager” Natural Hazards Center Advisory Committee Member February 2021 January 2025
OAR Higgins Wayne Director, Climate Program Office American Meteorological Society Councelor January 2019 January 2022
OAR Lee Deborah Director, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory ASCE Environmental Water Resources Institute Vice-President, President-Elect, President, Past President October 2018 October 2022