Draft CDR Strategy

NOAA Carbon Dioxide Removal Research:

A Draft White Paper documenting a Potential NOAA CDR Science Strategy as an element of NOAA’s Climate Mitigation Portfolio

This document was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Carbon Dioxide Removal Task Force (CDR Task Force), a cross-NOAA interdisciplinary team with relevant expertise in climate and carbon, coastal and open ocean science, aquaculture development, and ocean conservation. In November of 2020, the task force was charged by the Senior Research Council of the NOAA Office of Ocean and Atmospheric Research (OAR) with devising a draft portfolio of CDR strategic research needs in support of a broader climate recovery strategy pursuant to Sect. 214 and 216 of White House Executive Order No. 14008, 86 FR 7619, which was endorsed by the NOAA Science Council in January 2022. This document also contains information relevant to White House memo M-21-32 “Multi-Agency Research and Development Priorities for the FY 2023 Budget.

View doc here.

A 2-page summary of this document can be accessed here

We invite you to present your verbal feedback to the NOAA Draft CDR Research Strategy at one of our listening sessions listed below. Comments will be limited to two minutes each. 

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