NOAA by the Numbers is a collection of data and economic statistics relevant to NOAA’s mission and programs that highlights the Agency’s substantial contributions to the well-being of the American public. It is maintained by the NOAA Chief Economist and the Office of Performance, Risk, and Social Science.


The metrics in this report serve as measures of performance in achieving NOAA's priority objectives:

  • Minimize the impacts of extreme weather and water events by implementing the Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act 
  • To understand and predict changes in climate, weather, oceans and coasts; and
  • To conserve and manage coastal and marine ecosystems and resources


Achieving these objectives support the Department of Commerce's Strategic Plan, and ensures NOAA improves in performing its critical mission of saving lives, protecting property, and advancing our economic, national, natural, and homeland security.


Updated March 12, 2021.
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